I love it when people have great ideas. Like seeing products and services that just work. I think ‘wow, these guys are doing it right’. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to see when people are getting it wrong.

If they don’t change their attitude, the business won’t make it

Having an idea doesn’t mean you have a business. Have you given someone an idea that they make it work? Then you think, but it was my idea?

Having ideas and making them work are very different things. Making them work successfully is, even more,


complex and random.

Don’t stop having ideas 

I have recently read various topics on this subject written by very experienced and astute business people. They all come to the same conclusion never stop having ideas for products and services. Before you think you have a business, you need to find out if what you think it will work?  Is it what the guy with the wallet (the customer) needs? Like the phrase from the movie ROBOTS: ‘see a need, fill a need.’
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3>Building a business on your own needs is a high risk

It’s fine to have a need for something. It’s a high risk, however, to think your need might be someone. A business is built on income and you must first confirm what you experience as a need for a product or service, is shared by those people wanting the same thing. Then, wanting it enough to pay for it.

So the principle is simple, the ideas can be yours, but your product must be for your customers.