Change is hard. Really hard. Your brain is equipped with defence mechanisms designed to shoot down anything that might keep things staying exactly where they are. It’s surprisingly easy to get through life and make a career out of being average… your resistance brain would prefer it if you did.

Life-changing journeys take us from the familiar to the new, the exciting and the unknown. When the pain of where you are being greater than the fear of where you are going, you

will change and towards the direction of your dreams.

Time, not money, is your asset. Use it to advance your career and life whilst you still have it and get more training and qualifications.

Leaders learn by doing. Leaders learn through purposeful practice. One of the most powerful ways of learning is through stretch assignments, these are assignments that demand we step outside our comfort zone.

Challenging assignments can include the following:

  • The expansion of roles and responsibilities
  • An increase in decision-making authority
  • Dealing with change and diversity
  • Working on new and innovative projects and initiatives
  • Building new teams and capabilities
  • Turning around a troubled project or business unit
  • Leading cross-functional teams
  • Working in a different industry or country

All the above assignments challenge and stretch us, they challenge our thinking and demand that we develop new skills and behaviours for success.

Have you ever experienced any of these challenges when stepping outside your comfort zone?   If so, feel

free to share your challenges and experiences with us.