Stop fighting with your business!

For various reasons, you may have considered scaling down or closing your business. This does not need to be disastrous or overly stressfull for you or your family.

Consider this before you take action!

  • Before closing your business, you have other options
  • Talk to me first for experienced advice
  • I know how to close a business and create a soft landing
  • Don’t go into business rescue
  • Restructuring your business before you close down

Talk to me, not your accountant…

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You are allowed to fail.

I specialise in consultation around insolvency, liquidation, restructuring of any business. I have been a technology entrepreneur for 30 years as well as 10 years of experience in understanding and engineering soft-landings for businesses in distress.


It is not the farmers’ fault if it does not rain, and you don’t have to lose the farm.

‘Liquidating, scaling down, closing a business and restructuring can be very stressful and cause for anxiety or depression, but it can also be very beneficial and present a great opportunity if you do it correctly!


Let me explain…

Some years ago I was forced to file for complete bankruptcy. After a partner dispute with one of South Africa’s largest mobile companies.
I learnt about not just the emotional stuff, but the legal and business structuring side. As a problem solver, I studied the process, and was able to ‘engineer’ the liquidating and sequestration process after which I came out better the other side.
Over the previous years, I consulted various large and small businesses about the benefits of using liquidation as a closing down tool and to start over again with your core assets.
If you are tired, indebted and just fed-up, and considering closing down as your only option, talk to me.
I’m not a lawyer or accountant, I am a career entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge about closing a business as well as restructuring it to get rid of legacy depths, overheads.
There is a strong possibility that you can make your business lean and profitable by understanding liquidation.